". . . fresh, lively paint handling and keen observation that gets to the heart of the subjects." NYTimes 09-04-05 "These paintings are as much about the process of applying paint to canvas, and of blending colors, as they are about changes in weather, and the changes light makes on landscape as it varies in intensity." Southampton Press 1988 "Vigorous and dramatic, her paintings interpret rather than describe the East End. Ms. Stroudsburg's exciting use of color reveals her early work as an abstract painter in the New York School tradition." Roslyn News "(Stroudsburg's) work bridges the area between realistic description and pure color expression for its own sake…Colors tend to be lush and provocative and they produce dazzling effects." New York Times "As inividual areas of color break up and seems to dissolve, the point of departure becomes less crucial….She retains a sense of substantiality even in the airiest works." Art News, December 1969 "Stroudsburg's work proceeds from a feeling for the landscape and achieves the universality of a completely integrated abstraction" Ilya Bolotowsky 1967